About Us

About Us

First News Paper of Madhya Pradesh for vacancies and career

VACANCIES & CAREERS TIMES is an RNI accredited weekly newspaper established in 2007. This is published from INDORE on Monday and has been circulated through out Madhya Pradesh(M.P.) and at select neighboring State

With the exclusive identity we have developed, we could very well get established in the manpower all industry and today more than 45% of the student are coming from entire mp for study and after they finish study and find the jobs due to Indore is a Economical Capital of mp and MP’s biggest industries are established adjoining to indore like Pithampur,Dewas,Dhar Etc. from MP are sourcing their manpower requirements through V & C T .

VACANCIES & CAREERS TIMES being functioning as the mediator between the shooter and target, we have a good collection of regular readers, pertaining to different class ranging from semi-skilled to professionals staying around the country targeting betterment in their professional status.

The advertisers are of those business class having diversified activities in M.P. and near state. Overseas employers wish to recruit M.P. also have approved VACANCIES & CAREERS TIMES as their media to source their manpower requirements.

The unique columns on Executive Positions M.P, Academic Opportunities M.P., Global Tenders and M.P.’S Seminars regularly published in VACANCIES & CAREERS TIMES also have added a variety of readers to its credit.

And today, it has become a say in the industry that any with an intention of securing an assignment M.P., cannot miss VACANCIES & CAREERS TIMES.

The editorial published in VACANCIES & CAREERS TIMES is always projects various new trends in the overseas which helps many M.P.’s professionals to locate their bright future. Day to day developments in the overseas employment market is updated regularly. Alterations and amendments in the rules pertaining to expatriates in different state and M.P. emigration rules are also high lighted in VACANCIES & CAREERS TIMES.